About Mobiistar

Mobiistar, a Vietnamese smartphone brand was founded by Mr. Carl Ngo in 2009 with a vision to ‘Enjoy More’ by bringing uncompromised user experience. Mobiistar established itself as a leading brand in Vietnam and recently expanded to South East Asia and GCC countries. The mission of Mobiistar is to expand the horizons of mobile technology adoption by providing affordable and uncompromised user experience to consumers.

Mobiistar plans to develop the smartphone segment in India by understanding the consumer need for a selfie smartphone and their desire to gain more enjoyment at great value. Mobiistar has invested efforts on mobile technology adoption and expanding selfie experience for India.

Culture and Philosophy

Providing affordability without any compromises, Mobiistar brings to life the fact that limitless enjoyment can be economical. Based on the philosophy of ‘Enjoy More’, Mobiistar strives to capture hearts in India with the right technology, crisp designs, meaningful user experience, excellent service and their passionate attitude towards consumers.

Mobiistar understands the limitless desires of consumers as well as the current scenario of ‘more price equals to more features’. Consumer sentiments are pivotal to the functioning of the company and research and development forms its backbone. Mobiistar aims to bridge this gap with products that give users unbounded possibilities with affordability.



Carl Ngo Nguyen Kha

Global C.E.O. & Co-Founder

Carl Ngo Nguyen Kha is Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Mobiistar. Carl started Mobiistar more than 8 years ago with the brand philosophy of “Enjoy More�?. Since the inception of the Vietnamese company, Carl has focused on establishing an integrated approach and has built the brand on the pillars of digital and mobile marketing keeping consumer research, product development and core technology at the foundation of Mobiistar. At the core of the brand lies its vision to proliferate technology and make its mark in the markets it ventures into.