17, May, 2019

Power of Two: Benefits of a Dual SIM Smartphone

The latter half of the first decade of the 2000s witnessed the advent and rise of Dual SIM smartphones. A large and diverse population got expeditiously hooked onto this innovation. The technology enabled two different network service providers to complement each other’s strong suits, all for the benefit of the customer. Apart from the obvious benefit of switching back and forth between two different phone numbers, Dual SIM phones have many little-known advantages that make them a delight to purchase.

1. Extensive Network Coverage: Even if one of your SIMs have poor signal in some area, your second SIM (of a different operator) will make sure that you don’t miss out on anything, because of low reception.

2. Different SIMs for Different Circles: Using a single phone number requires one to juggle between their personal and professional commitments. Most of us (used to) address this hiccup by using two phones. But then again, it’s quite a hassle to handle two separate phones at all times. Dual SIM phones resolve these issues and provide a way for you to manage your personal and professional life, seamlessly.

3. Solution to Roaming: While travelling to different places or going overseas, we often incur high roaming charges on our primary number. But with Dual SIM technology, you can incorporate another SIM card according to the place you’re visiting. That too, without having to do away with your original SIM card.

4. Get the Best of Both Operators: One network operator might offer you a cheaper internet package, while the other could have better talk-time rates. By using a dual SIM phone, you get the best of both worlds – no need to compromise on anything!

5. Better Privacy Protection: Since you have two different contact points, you can clearly map out the people who should have your personal number. This way, you will not receive any unwanted calls/texts on your private number.

In this sphere of dual SIM phones, Mobiistar X1 Dual is one of the most preferred phones primarily because of its high-end features and premium look and design. Moreover, the Mobiistar X1 Dual mobile price in India is quite affordable and offers you more features, than most other dual SIM smartphones.