15, Jan, 2019

X1 Notch - The Selfie Camera that's a Notch Above

The selfie or the fad of self portraiture has evolved to a whole new level. With the social media generation continuing to obsess about portraying the right image across various platforms, it has become imperative to have the right tools at the very least. And that is why the mobile phone camera technology has advanced by leaps and bounds.

At Mobiistar, our tech experts too have studied the selfie phenomenon to create just the right camera that will help users take high quality pictures across environments and under various lighting conditions. It's called the Mobiistar X1 Notch, and it is truly a notch above competition. Packed into it is a host of advanced and loaded features that includes a heavy duty 13MP selfie camera, which has excellent clarity and an array of smart features and with AI scene detection and LED flash. The AI technology allows the phone to learn and adapt to your usage patterns and create a more intelligent user experience Add on camera features include a 7-Level Beautifier: which as the name suggests, touches up your complexion and removes dark spots giving you the perfect face. So every time you turn your camera for a selfie, you can be confident that you will have a picture perfect one.

Apart from the camera features, the X1 Notch will have a 32GB ROM + 3GB RAM, facial unlock, finger print sensor and a triple slot: a dual SIM slot + a dedicated memory slot. Thus, making it the ideal phone for you. Not only do you get the best of camera features but also a dedicated memory slot to store all your data.

There are many phones in the market today that boast of an array of features. But a phone that packs such a punch with features dedicated to the perfect selfie, and that too, at this price point, well that's one factor that will definitely appeal to all the hardcore selfie enthusiasts.